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Sanctioning Your Show with the ALSA Office

       Forms for Use with ALSA Shows      

Show Superintendents:  You will find all the forms and information you will need for your show at the link above.  A Show Packet will not be sent to you unless you request one from the ALSA Office.  This will enable you to print off the latest information from the website and obtain your forms at your convenience.  As you can imagine, using the website for show forms has saved the association many thousands of dollars this last year.  We really appreciate your understanding of this change.  Judges' halter score cards do not need to be printed on card stock.  They can be printed on regular copy paper the same as performance score sheets.  This will also save you postage when sending them to the Office after the show.  If you need any help, have any questions, or find any errors, please contact the ALSA Office right away.  The Office is there to provide help at any time with the success of your show! 

ALSA Show Results, Points, & Awards are the Sole Property of ALSA

All ALSA Shows are prohibited from giving the ILR, or any show association, access to any ALSA show results, points, or awards as of 2008 and forward as written in the ALSA Handbook, Section G, page 37.s 
(minutes 8-24-08)


Selecting A Judge For Your Show
1)  A show superintendent may hire any appropriate Judge from the current Judge's list posted on the ALSA website.  A Level Judge may judge a show with up to 125 llamas.  A Senior Judge has no restrictions on number of animals in the show.

For multiple judged shows, show management may hire both a Level Judge and a Senior Judge whenever possible for multiple shows under 125 animals.  Assistant Performance Judges of an level may be employed to work in the ring with a head judge. (spring 2008; p. 140; section 2; B)

2) NEW 2009! With reference to ALSA Judges judging shows for other show associations:   ALSA will not propose any restriction on an ALSA judges as to the shows they judge.  (minutes 1-13-09)

3)  Still Applies!  Llama Judges may judge up to 25 alpacas in an Alpaca Show if the following requirements are met.  "Judges successfully completing an Advanced Llama Judges Clinic (with limited alpaca, may judge combined llama and alpaca shows if alpacas do not exceed 25 in number."  (p.136; part S; Section 4; B; 12)  AND "Requirements For An Alpaca Show: Shows must have an approved ALSA Alpaca Judge, for shows with 25 or more alpacas in a breed." (p. 18; Part D; Section C; 1) (minutes of 1-13-09)

4)  Just a reminder that in selecting a judge for your show, the level of the show only reflects the classes your show offers.  The show level does not equal the level of the judge you need to hire - they are two separate issues.  The level of the show represents the classes that you are offering.  The level of the judge is relative to how many animals they can judge due, for the most part, to experience.  A Judge can judge up to a maximum number of animals as listed for their level of judging.  All judges should be given the opportunity for judging and it is suggested that you do not use a Senior Judge for a show that a Level Judge is allowed to do.  


Important!  ILR Number
The ILR number for each registered animal must be included in your results sheets for each show.  The ALSA database needs these registration numbers to help increase accuracy when posting show results.  An animal who is not registered, but meets the exceptions stated in the 18th edition of the Handbook, p.12 Section 2., may still show in an ALSA Show.  Rules have not changed.  


Important!  ALSA number
Most exhibitors of an ALSA show would like to track their animals points and achievement. As a superintendent of an ALSA sanctioned show, you can help to make sure this happens. If an animal has an ALSA number, please include this number on your results sheet. This information is very important. You should provide a space for the ALSA number on the entry form. This way, the ALSA number will be supplied by the exhibitor. The ALSA numbers may also be found on the ALSA website. Please ask the ALSA office for guidance to find this information.


Sanctioning Your Show with the ALSA Office
This is a reminder that your show must be properly sanctioned with the ALSA Office before any show promotion may be done. Also,the Show Manager must submit the exhibitor show packet (general rules, format, and list of classes) before publication of the show information is available to the public.
Show Sanctioning Form is here.

Promoting Your Show on the ALSA Website
Let Us Help You!
Many shows are now putting all their information and forms on the web rather than spending the money to mail out information to potential exhibitors.  ALSA can help you promote your show in these four ways:

1.  If you do not have a website or any space to put your show information on the web, you can put all your forms on the ALSA website for only $20.  There will be a link to all your show information right next to your show listing on the ALSA Show Calendar.

2.  If you do have a Show website, ALSA will put a link to your show information right next to your show listing on the ALSA Show Calendar at no charge.  Be sure to provide the Office with the URL address when you sanction your show so they can add it with your show information.

3.  We will advertise your ALSA sanctioned Show FREE. If you request :
a.we will send out an email blast about your show and b.You may put an advertisement in the Showring Magazine.

Important Info Must Be Included In Your Show Information
1)  It states in the Handbook that all sanctioned shows must include the specific instruction in their show information as to whether a youth 8 to 12 years of age is permitted to show an intact male over 24 months of age.  It is not recommended by ALSA however the final decision lies with Show Management.
Part I, Section 5, K (14th edition) reads as follows:
“It is recommended that exhibitors 8 years through 12 years of age not show intact males over 24 months of age, with the choice of acceptance or decline lying with show management and stated in their premium show booklet.”
Adding A Fleece Show to Your Llama Show
1)  If you are adding a fleece/fiber show to your llama show, please list it as a separate Fiber Show so fiber enthusiasts can locate it on the Fiber Show list.  A Fiber Show requires a separate show sanctioning fee, separate results, and separate show fees.  The show may have the same name as your llama show but add it in as separate listing for the Fiber Show - eg. Fuzzy Llama Show and Fuzzy Fiber Show.

2)  ALSA fees for a Fleece Show are $3.00 each entry ONLY if the entry is not entered into a Halter or Performance class at the show.  If the animal is also in a halter or performance class, the $5.00 ALSA fee also covers the fleece class - there is no other ALSA fee.

Materials For Planning & Organizing an ALSA Show

How To Sanction A Show

Show Sanction Application

Planning An ALSA Show 

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Judges Contract

Forms for Use with ALSA Shows
Judge's Score Sheet, Judge's Placing Cards, Class Design Sheets for Performance,
Forms for Tabulation of All Performance Champions, Recap Sheet to send
final numbers & fees to ALSA, Show Results Form.

Forms for Alpaca Fleece Shows
Alpaca Fleece Judging Card, Suri & Huacaya

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Llama Fleece Show Packet

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